Jun 29, 2011

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What Would Jesus Do? And Should We Do The Same?

This post was written by Pastor of Counseling Jim Ricci

What would Jesus do? And is that what we should do?

WWJD is a very popular expression, especially among young Christians. I am going to suggest that we, as mere humans, should not be doing everything that the Lord did.

There are some things that Jesus did that we should not do. Jesus is God. We are not. Jesus proclaimed His authority from His deity. We can only proclaim our authority through the deity of Jesus. The difference is not a subtle one.

Jesus was constantly accusing people of being hypocrites. I am not saying that we should never do this. However, since He was omniscient, Jesus knew when people were being hypocrites, whereas we can only guess. Jesus warned us not to judge other people unless we could be sure that our judgment was correct.

If we judge someone incorrectly, we are threatened with a similar judgment by God. Obviously, we should not judge people unless we are absolutely certain that we are correct – using scripture as our guideline.

The concept of “What would Jesus do?” is not completely without merit for disciples of Jesus Christ. We are to have the mind of Christ. However, to know what Jesus would do, we would need to know what Jesus did do. Jesus is not a modern humanist interpretation of righteousness. Jesus is the reality of the eternal morality of God. Those who claim to do what Jesus would do must know the New Testament in detail, preferably with an insight on first century Jewish culture. The truths of the New Testament transcend the culture of first century Israel, but the interpretation and understanding of the details of the parables and stories can only be understood with knowledge of the culture of the day.

For example, the parable of the prodigal son is a powerful example of the love and forgiveness of God. However, the extent and depth of that love can be fully understood only when examining the parable from a first century Jewish perspective.

In conclusion: I would like to propose that we believers do what Jesus told us to do, rather than what Jesus Himself might do. The standard should be WDJTUTD – What did Jesus tell us to do? I don’t think the new initials will fly, but hopefully we believers would be willing to do what Jesus told us.

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