Life Groups meet at 10:00am or 11:30am

Life Groups provide participants an opportunity to join others in the same stage of life for a study that examines how all scripture gives testimony to Jesus Christ.


A mix of seniors & younger adults.

Led By: Tom Tranghese, Bernie Poirier & Stephen Miller

Location: Room 103 at 10:00am



Parents of pre-teens or younger.

Led By: Josh & Erica Wiedenroth

Location: Room 202 at 10:00am


Parents of teens
& other mid-career adults.

Led By: Andrew Mason, Vinny Podmaska, & Dave Roth

Location: Room 203 at 10:00am

Young Adults

20-Somethings and High School Juniors & Seniors

Led By: Luke Cruse & Alyssa Karnes

Location: Room 103 at 11:30am

Growth Tracks meet at 10:00 or 11:30am

Growth Tracks are 6-8 week, discussion based classes geared toward helping you grow in your Christian walk.


If you are new to your faith or just want to get a better understanding of being a Christ-follower, this course is the place to begin.

Led By: Tom & Kathy Worthington

Location: Room 201 at 10:00am