Are you ready for a 40-Day Deep Dive Into God’s Word?


Fall 2020

Come along with CCF on a journey of 40 Days in the Word, a journey of eternal significance as you and your small group will learn how to be not only a “hearer” of the Word, but also a “doer” of God’s Word.


40 Days in the Word is a church wide weekly study of six principles of the Word of God. Together, you and your group will explore the authenticity, reliability, power, comfort, interpretation and doing of God’s Word. This six week journey, led by Rick Warren, will encourage spiritual growth in you and your church family.

40 Days in the Word

September 28th through November 6th


We hope you’ll join us as we seek to love the Word, learn the Word, and live the Word! We have small groups waiting for you to jump in! Some of our groups will meet in person, and others will meet online through Zoom or other platforms. As we go through the study together during the week, we’ll be in a teaching series on Sunday mornings that will correspond to what we learn throughout the week.

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