“A Time of Celebration” by Melissa Mitchell

“A Time of Celebration” by Melissa Mitchell

We have been doing a lot of celebrating at Cranston Christian Fellowship lately. We have celebrated both Pastor Jim and Pastor Dave’s many years of leadership at CCF and have commissioned them into new areas of ministry. We have installed Pastor Rick as our new Lead Pastor and celebrated with him as he shared his vision for our church. We even had our Annual Vision Celebration as a church a few weeks ago where we praised God for all He has done in the past year and thanking Him for raising up new elders and deacons.

In addition to these moments we have also had a bittersweet celebration in remembering the life of longtime member Betty Roth. We celebrate her life and love of the Lord and her homecoming to heaven. However, we also grieve the loss of her presence in our lives and especially in the lives of her loved ones.

A few weeks ago when Pastor Rick was speaking, he shared a verse from 1 Corinthians 3:5 – “After all, who is Apollos? Who is Paul? We are only God’s servants through whom you believed the Good News. Each of us did the work the Lord gave us.”

 I immediately thought of this article I was working on and how it fit so well with theme of celebration. “We are only God’s servants through whom you believed the Good News.” This is what we are celebrating – their servitude to God and their sharing of the Good News of Jesus. We are appreciative and admire their steadfastness and dedication to the Lord.

In the last part of the verse: “Each of us did the work the Lord gave us.” I am grateful for each of these people, that they did the work that the Lord gave them.

Did you know that God has given each of us work to do? I don’t just mean earning a paycheck or taking care of our homes and children (while this is also very important!)

Ephesians 2:10- “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

God has a plan for each of us, and for each of us there are good works which he has prepared for us to do. This is exciting news! God has a purpose for me and for you, not just for the Pastor and the longtime follower. Our accomplishments may never result in a big party or a plaque on the wall but best of all it may result in our heavenly father saying:

“His master replied, ‘Well donegood and faithful servant!” Matthew 25:21a. And that would be the best reason of all to celebrate!