“At The Right Time” By Rick Moore

“At The Right Time” By Rick Moore

I always want what I want sooner, rather than later.  I am cursed with this bent in life.  It has always plagued me.

When I was a kid, I wanted to drive on the road when I was in elementary school.  Thank Jesus that we lived out in the middle of nowhere during this stage in my life, because I would drive on the old country roads in Indiana.  I remember, one time, talking my mom into letting me drive the car, with her in it, for miles; I was only in maybe second grade.

At-the-right-timeSince we lived in the country, I would drive tractors, minibikes, and the farm tractor around a lot so I could get that feeling of driving out of my system.  God knew where I should be and, at the right time, he moved me from the city to the country so I could experience this.  At the right time!

When I was 13, we lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico and… guess what?!  You could get your driver’s license when you were 14 years & 6 months old, if you took driver’s education.  So naturally, I took driver’s ed and was driving with a permit at the age of 14.  GOD knew, at the right time, to move my family to Albuquerque. :o)

It was in Albuquerque that I learned what it meant to follow Jesus.  It was in Albuquerque that I gave my life to full time ministry.  At the right time, God.

When I was a junior in high school, God moved my family from Indiana to Jamestown, RI.  This was the beginning of my junior year.  I had just got reacquainted with all my friends that I grew up with and my dad wanted to move me to RI—I wasn’t happy at all!  As a teenager, this was devastating.  My friends in Indiana were my life.  Yet, it was here in RI that I would meet my future wife, Zoe.  At the right time, God.

Later on, God led me to a church in Leslie, MI and I spent 5 great years there reaching students and adults for Christ.  God used us there, and I still have several relationships with those students and adults to this day.  At the right time, GOD.

After being married for 11 years, God allowed us to move back to RI—for Zoe, that was coming home.  For the past 17 & 1/2 years, we have been blessed to serve in and through Cranston Christian Fellowship.  We have been blessed to raise 4 children, and I’m very proud of all of them.

As I look back today, I’m led to give GOD praise because it was always, at the right time, God.  From the earliest time I can remember, when decisions were made for me—even though it was tough all the way through the years to now—looking back, I confidently can say that at the right time God moved.

It has rarely ever been on my time table, but always, at the right time, GOD.

Several months ago God gave me Galatians 4:4 and the first phrase of that verse says, “But at the right time God…”

I don’t know what you are going through today, this week, or this month, but I know that, at the right time, God allows whatever to happen on His time table.  Stop staying awake at night wondering why.  Stop worrying and being anxious.  Trust that whatever is happening is happening on God’s time table and not yours.  Trust that God is orchestrating His plan, and what is best for you, even though you don’t understand it right now.

As I’m writing this, just this morning GOD reminded me that He takes care of the birds and the lilies, so I surely don’t have to worry because GOD will care for me as well.

Remember, at the right time, GOD…