“Come and See” by Rick E. Moore, Associate Pastor

“Come and See” by Rick E. Moore, Associate Pastor

Have you ever had that awkward conversation with someone who is telling you how great a new product is that he/she just started using?  I mean, it’s one thing if a sales person is telling you about the newest and greatest product, but I’m talking about people who you know.  They are so excited about what they’ve bought into that it feels like there’s no room for you to voice your questions or doubts.

I have a friend that loves to buy into network marketing things.  For years he has been trying the latest and greatest.  Maybe you have a friend like that as well.

Sometimes, if we aren’t careful, we as Christ followers can present Jesus to others as the latest, greatest, newest “product” or “fad”.  Sometimes we are so excited about Jesus, we think that everyone needs to just buy in to Him hook line and sinker… and ON THE SPOT.  Many times in the Scriptures, we find Jesus doing just the opposite.  He doesn’t have a hard sales pitch.  Sometimes, Jesus says just “come and see”.

In John 1:39, as Jesus is calling the disciples, he says “Come and see.”  He didn’t ask them to believe everything right there and then.  In this same passage, Philip is calling his brother Nathaniel to “come and see”.  Nathaniel didn’t believe Jesus was the Messiah, so Philip tells him to just come and see for himself.  In other passages, Jesus uses the words “Follow me.”  Matthew recalls Jesus saying, “Come follow me and I will show you how to be fishers of men.” in Matthew 4:19.

Instead of trying to do a “hard sales pitch” to people who don’t believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior of the world, ask people to come and follow Jesus.  It doesn’t mean that a person has to believe everything right at the beginning.  It’s doesn’t mean that someone isn’t going to have questions to wrestle with.  In fact, we should invite people to “come and see” with all of their questions.  We should ask people to follow even if they don’t fully believe yet.  Let’s rethink how we approach others.

I am fully aware that some people who come and see will not put their faith in Jesus because it’s too hard, as we read at the end of John 6.  Remember, even Judas was invited into community with Jesus.  Jesus knew what his end result would be but he still invited him.  By inviting everyone to come and see, at least we have obeyed Christ command, “As you go, make disciples.”

Keep in mind that we will never fully “get it” as well.  Andy Stanley has brought attention to the fact that when they killed Christ on the cross, Jesus told the disciples several times that he was going to come back on the 3rd day, yet how many disciples where there, at the tomb, counting down “Ten, nine, eight, seven…”?  Not one.  They didn’t even believe when the women came running, after being at the tomb, telling them that Jesus had risen.  They had to go see for themselves.

What would it look like for you to start inviting people to “come and see” the Jesus that you talk about?  What if you started inviting your family and friends to a church that says come and see, like Jesus did?  What if you invited people to come and follow Jesus with you even if they don’t believe in him yet?  Maybe, we would be executing the command that Jesus gave us, “As you go, make disciples.”

If you have questions about this, please let’s wrestle with it together.  I looking forward to hearing from you.  More importantly, I look forward to meeting people that you invite to “come and see.”