“Do You Attract or Repel?” by Kitty Holt

“Do You Attract or Repel?” by Kitty Holt

I was about 10 years old and was being chased through my neighborhood by a boy who liked me and wanted to kiss me. I did not like him and did not want to kiss him. Although I had outrun him so far, I was getting tired and looked for shelter. The house of a friend was closest, so I ran there, bounded up the steps, opened the swinging porch door, and banged on the inside door. No answer. No one was home.

I turned around and saw my pursuer quickly approaching the house. As he started up the steps, I swung the porch door open toward him, which prevented him from climbing the steps. Every time he attempted to get up the steps, I would open the door at him so he could not come closer. He finally gave up, and never bothered me again. I had successfully repelled him, although it took much effort.

Unfortunately, many of us Christians today repel others without much effort at all. It could be something we say online, or the way we react to people who are different from us in lifestyles or beliefs, or even clobbering people over the head with Bible verses. We are expected to be the aroma of Christ, so that others will be attracted to Him through us… but are we?

In his book “ReFocus” by Jim Daly, Jim is referring to something his late friend Chuck Colson once said: “…Chuck was talking about his philosophy of cultural engagement, and I’ll never forget his response to a remark suggesting that Christians should be offended and fight fire with fire when ridiculed by ‘the other side’ for their beliefs: ‘If a blind man steps on your foot, would you be mad and hold it against him?’ ”

I am not suggesting we promote or condone behavior that is contrary to God, but… what if instead of being quick to ridicule and condemn others who are different, we built relationships and showed the love of Jesus to them, truly bringing the aroma of Christ to them? Let’s give it a try this year.

2 Corinthians 2:15- “But we are the aroma of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing.” (ESV)