“Honoring God… While Driving?!” By Kitty Holt

Recently I was pondering all of my blessings. As I went through them, I became completely overwhelmed with how wonderfully blessed I am, and how incredibly merciful and gracious God is to me, although I deserve none of these blessings. I was so overwhelmed that the tears started to stream down my face.  Nothing wrong with being overwhelmed with God’s incredible mercy, but I happened to be in a car at the time. Driving. On the highway. The tears started to hinder my ability to see. Before my eye makeup started to run into and sting my eyes, making it even harder to see, I pulled myself together and arrived home safely and thankfully.

One of my children told me about someone he met, “John.” John was listening to worship music when he raised his hands in praise to God. John also happened to be driving, and had lifted both hands. This, not surprisingly, resulted in an accident. (I would love to have seen the police officer who took that accident report… “OK, so you were doing what?”)

We are told that whether we eat, or drink, or whatever we do, we should do it all for the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31). But while driving? And in Rhode Island, which has a higher accident rate than most states, according to the “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report”? Can we do that??

Sure we can! My daughter and I compiled the list below.

• Give a shut-in a ride to the market…or to church.

• Carry plastic bags in your car which contain socks, $5 gift cards to Dunkin Donuts or McDonalds, toothbrush and paste, a bar of soap, granola bars, and a pocket-sized Bible. Give them to those in need.

• Don’t text while driving.

• Don’t drink and drive. If you know someone who has had too much to drink, give them a ride.

• Obey stop signs (the actual law is to stop for three seconds, not to do the Rhode Island slide).

• Let people merge in front of you on the highway.

• Don’t tailgate. Follow by at least three seconds.

• Have compassion towards newer and older drivers.

• When you are stuck in traffic, use the time to pray, not fret (just try not to cry if you happen to be thanking God for your blessings!).

• Stop when the light turns yellow. (Yellow actually means slow down, not hurry up).

• Play worship music (but keep both hands on the wheel).

• Pray for others on the roadways, as well as pedestrians you drive by.

• If you are a passenger, don’t fight over seats.

• Watch your language when other drivers annoy you. Replace “jerk” or “idiot” with “pal.” Or, better yet, keep silent and pray for the other driver.

• Thank God every time you arrive at your destination safely.

• Drive with lights on in darkness and rain (or just put them on every time you drive).

• If you get pulled over, treat police with respect.

• Pull over for ambulances, fire trucks, and police officers who have lights on, and pray for them and the people they are helping.

I am sure there are many more ways to honor God while driving. Feel free to add to this list (but more importantly, to give these a shot!). And if we can honor God while we are driving, surely we can honor Him while we are working, cooking, reading, watching TV….