“In Apps We Trust?” by Kitty Holt

“In Apps We Trust?” by Kitty Holt

One of my most frequently used mobile apps is one which helps drivers get from here to there.  The app uses input from others who have the app and will let you know when there is a pothole or an object in the road, and will redirect you when there is a lot of traffic, an accident, or other issues.  As a result, the app often directs me to take a different way home from work than my customary route and has saved me from some serious traffic jams.

Recently, the app told me to take a route I had never taken.  I was a little surprised and thought, “Where are you taking me?  Well, you haven’t steered me wrong before so even though I don’t know where you are taking me, I am going to trust you.”  (What, you don’t talk to your apps?)

After I thought those words, I laughed to myself.  I said those words to an app!!  I asked an app where it was taking me!!  I admitted to the app that it never steered me wrong before!!  I told an app that I would trust it!!

Could I say those very words to God?  Can I trust Him to direct my path, even though I don’t know where he is taking me?  Even when I have something else in mind?

Why, yes, I can.  God’s way is not my way, but I know from experience that going His way is far more exciting, far more scenic, and far better for me—and the ultimate destination is going to be amazing!  There is no one I would rather travel with through this journey called life.