By Kitty Holt

A recent unexpected and quite violent storm wreaked havoc across the area.  Driving through several cities and towns, I came upon intersection after intersection with no working traffic signals.  At some intersections, drivers would take turns letting others cross, while other intersections were a complete free-for-all and even pausing for a few seconds to let someone else cross was met with an angry honk from behind.  I thought about how important the traffic signals are and what daily life would be like it they did not exist—if there were simply no laws governing the crossing of intersections.  Sheer chaos.  Accidents everywhere.  Astronomical insurance rates.

This got me wondering about life without the existence of other laws.

  • What if there was no prohibition against stealing?  Whenever you bought something, you would wonder whether or when it would get stolen.  Workplaces would lock down items so employees would not walk off with them.  Neighbors would come into your home and take whatever they wanted.
  • What if there were no laws against murder and people simply killed whomever they wanted, whenever they wanted, for any reason, or no reason at all?  I imagine we would live a life fraught with fear and would be afraid to go anywhere.
  • What if it were completely acceptable to lie?  You wouldn’t be able to trust anyone at any time.  You would not remember what you told to whom, nor would you likely care.  You would not trust your spouse, your siblings, your children, your co-workers, your pastors… no one.

I have just scratched the surface of how awful life would be without the existence of just three of our Ten Commandments.  Some believe laws – and the Ten Commandments – are a ball and chain, tying us down so we can’t do whatever we want, making us miserable.

I see it quite differently.  I am thankful for God’s law, that He is so gracious to have written it on our hearts and given us a conscience (Romans 2:15), and, most of all, for the great gift He has given through His Son—sent to take the punishment we so clearly deserve for breaking God’s laws… over and over again.

Next time you are sitting at or driving through an intersection, give God thanks for His laws, and His unfathomable love.