“Love The Church” By Justin Dowiot

“Love The Church” By Justin Dowiot

love-the-churchI’ve recently been spending a lot of time thinking about how much I love the capital “C” Church.  As a child and teenager it was something that I avoided and for which I grew a strong dislike.  I never understood what it was about church that could draw people in….  I didn’t get why someone would want to be a part of it.

And then Jesus came into my life.

As I grew in my relationship with him, I slowly began to fall in love with His Church.  I started to see that my perception of the Church was based on misconceptions and began to learn that my struggles had more to do with people than the Church.  It was at this point in my life that I was able to finally get a better understanding for God’s intention for the church and how awe-inspiring it is.

Here are four reasons why I love the Church:



We are the Church.  God brings people together from all different backgrounds and demographics with only one thing in common—Jesus.  Jesus brings all these mismatched people together and inspires them to go through life together.  Everyone cares for each other, offers the skills they have, and works side by side—they don’t do this for themselves or their own gain, but to make Jesus known to others.

While the Church is the perfect community, it is a messy place, filled with messy people.  It is a place where you can be open with the stresses in your life.  This is what’s so cool about the Church—being the ideal, perfect, and refined person is not a requirement.  The Church is people; people are broken, and broken people need to hold onto Jesus.


Jesus saw the huge crowd as he stepped from the boat, and he had compassion on them because they were like sheep without a shepherd. So he began teaching them many things.” – Mark 6:34 NLT

The Church is filled with compassion.  Jesus has compassion on us and that motivates us to have compassion on others.  Jesus’ love gave me a reason to see someone in their suffering and want to take action.  The Church has given me an opportunity to practice compassion with others who share that desire to help those in need.


I’ve been able to grow as a person because of the Church.  I’ve learned from other Christ-followers what it means to sacrifice my comfort for others; I’ve become a better husband, father, and friend; I’ve learned how to lead teams and manage projects; and, believe it or not, my studying habits have improved because of the community of believers.  The Church, with the Holy Spirit, has taken some of my worst qualities as a person and turned them into some of my best qualities.


I LOVE that the Church is not about me.  The sole purpose is to put the focus on God and point people to Jesus.  It is so awesome to be a part of something that is strictly about trying to bring people into a relationship with Jesus.  It’s amazing to take ownership of something so big!  There’s nothing better than when I can to get someone else connected into the Church so that they can put all their focus on God too!

What are your reasons why you love the Church?  When you stop to think about how the Church has impacted your life, what stands out?  What do you understand about the Church that you wish everyone else was able to experience also?  Tell someone—it’s too important not to!