“Starstruck” by Kitty Holt

“Starstruck” by Kitty Holt

Before you start reading, think of a celebrity you look up to. This could be a sports celebrity, an entertainment celebrity, or someone else you can think of. Got a name? OK, read on….

When my dad was in his 50’s and I was in my teens, we took up running. We ran many miles and many races together. One of my favorite activities was going to watch the Boston Marathon with him. One year, when the marathon was over, we were walking back to our car which was parked on a side street. Who did we see on the other side of the road, walking all by himself towards us, but the one and only Bill Rodgers. (If you do not know the legendary Bill “Boston Billy” Rodgers, he was an incredible marathon runner who won the Boston Marathon four times and set a number of American and course records in the marathon.)

Our jaws dropped and we stared as Bill Rodgers walked by. We were unable to say anything. We had just glimpsed, from mere feet away, the one and only Bill Rodgers. Later we both laughed that we were so star-struck that we could not even muster a “hello” or a “great job.” I was in the presence of one of my heroes and was unable to utter even a sound.

Back to my original question: if the celebrity you noted above passed you on the street right now, or you saw them at the airport, would you be so awestruck that you would be rendered speechless?

Regardless of your answer to the above questions, do you know who you CAN approach? You can approach the God who created the universe! He wants you to draw near (James 4:8). He wants you to make your requests known to Him (Philippians 4:6). How amazing is it that the God who created the heavens and the earth, the billions of stars which fill the galaxies, the mountains and the seas, every creature and human being – that He is more accessible to us, and cares far more about us, than any earthly celebrity (or any other human being, for that matter). May you be filled with awe at the enormity of that news, and indeed, draw near to Him.

1 Peter 5:7- Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you.