“The Butterfly Effect” by Kitty Holt

“The Butterfly Effect” by Kitty Holt

She was nine months pregnant and decided to stay home with her newborn. As my co-worker, “Jan,” said her goodbyes, she stopped in my office and said, “I don’t think you know this, but it’s because of you that I met my husband. I just wanted to thank you.” Since I had never met Jan’s husband, I gave her a puzzled look, and she noted that during a conversation we had several years prior, I mentioned how much traveling my husband and I had done in the five years between our wedding and having children. As a result of that conversation, she updated her online dating profile to include “travel,” which attracted the attention of the man who would later become her husband. After she left, I sat down, astounded. A simple conversation with Jan changed a number of lives. I always knew words were powerful, but this blew me away.

You may have heard of the Butterfly Effect, which basically states that something very small can result in very large change. The term was coined to describe how a butterfly flapping its wings in one area of the world could impact weather conditions on the other side of the world. An interesting 9-minute video on the Butterfly Effect is at this link:


The Butterfly Effect is at work in people, as shown above. Another example is Mordecai Ham, who was preaching at a revival when 16-year old Billy Graham and a friend showed up. After hearing the message, Billy Graham gave his life to Jesus and went on to share Jesus’ message with over 200 million people. It’s impossible to imagine how many lives God has changed through those who came to faith through the preaching of Billy Graham… because God placed Mordecai Ham in his life.

You, also, are an example of the Butterfly Effect at work. You have no idea how many lives you have touched and will touch, now and through eternity. It can be through a simple conversation, or making a meal, or mentoring someone, or teaching them a new skill, or giving them words of encouragement. For some reason, God works through us and allows us to touch people in ways large and small, changing lives for all of eternity. Let’s consider that in all of our words and actions.