“The Election Blues” by Melissa Mitchell

“The Election Blues” by Melissa Mitchell

It was 1983.  There was a television movie coming out that everyone was buzzing about.  The title of the movie was The Day After.  A movie fitting to the times.  America was preoccupied with the Cold War and the Soviet Union and worried about the possibility of a nuclear war.  The movie was about the day after a nuclear attack on the US.

I don’t think I saw the movie, it isn’t the type of movie I would have enjoyed and I think I would still be haunted by it if I had seen it.  What I do remember is my Pastor, of the little Baptist church I attended, mentioning it one Sunday morning.

He indicated that people were wondering if Christians should watch this movie or not.  (I don’t know why this was even a point of discussion, but I guess it was).  What has stayed with me ever since is what my Pastor had to say—he said something like: it didn’t matter really if we watched the movie or not.  We didn’t need to be afraid; God had already determined how the earth would end—it was in His control.  I don’t remember being worried about nuclear war as a child, but I recall what great comfort I felt at the thought that I didn’t need to be afraid…that God is in control.

Election-BluesFast forward to our current times.  A presidential election looms before us.  I have always taken voting seriously.  My father was involved in town politics and my mom worked at the polls.  My first ballots were absentee ballots due to being away at college.  I remember the first time I voted in person for a President and I have voted every election since.

I’m well aware of the remarkable freedom we have as Americans to vote as we do. However, I don’t always vote cheerfully.  Sadly, I often feel like I’m voting against a candidate rather than for one.  You know, I don’t want this person to win, so I guess I’ll vote for….

I find this year’s presidential race to be even more discouraging.  Even a little bit scary.  I really can’t imagine any of these candidates as my President.  I’m praying something happens to surprise me before November.

I’ve had thoughts like, “Will I have to move if _____ becomes President?”  It has always been hard to find a candidate who I like.  My views don’t fit neatly into a political party.  I care about the unborn, social justice, poverty, the environment, and the economy.

What do my memories of The Day After and the upcoming Presidential election have to do with each other?

I can have peace.  God is in control.

Nothing is going to happen that surprises Him.  Nothing is going to happen that He can’t handle.  It doesn’t mean that we don’t have a part to play—researching candidates, asking tough questions, contacting our elected officials, and yes, voting.  However, ultimately God is the one who holds our country and our future.

Let me leave you with a prophecy from Daniel 7:14, “He was given authority, glory and sovereign power; all nations and peoples of every language worshiped him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion that will not pass away, and his kingdom is one that will never be destroyed.”