“Unstoppable” by Steve VanHorn

“Unstoppable” by Steve VanHorn

“Unstoppable”… In many conversations and news reports, this seems to be the label for COVID-19. It can’t be stopped, only leveled or contained. In the midst of this pandemic, which by its very definition insinuates that it affects all people (Pandemic comes from the greek word pandemos meaning “all people”), another unstoppable force seems to have woke! When restrictions around gatherings of people were strongly recommended by health officials one might have thought this would be a tremendous challenge to the church—and it is! But it is not the first time the church has encountered a seemingly overwhelming challenge! 

While the church was just in its infant stages, it was persecuted and scattered (Acts 8), but the power of the Gospel persevered and spread. The good news of Jesus even reached its most passionate critic and adversary (Acts 9). The church has a history of needing to innovate and adapt but when it encounters opposition, that is when the church historically rises to the occasion! 

This moment is no different. The Church has improvised and adapted in incredible ways, using technology to encourage connection to God’s Word as well as to others. Countless churches are working together to aid one another with resources to be able to foster this type of connection. Para-church ministries like Bible Study Fellowship are utilizing strategies to bring their personal and intimate ministry on-line so that people are encouraged through Biblical teaching. In just the last couple of months over 35,000 participants have engaged in video conferencing through this ministry. 

CCF is taking steps to bridge the social distancing gap to create opportunities of connection and care for the entire community and those in need, but what this is going to take is not just the staff and elders but the entire community. We need to forge ahead with a boldness to move into the uncomfortable and uncharted places required of this moment in order to tackle the needs of this moment. Put simply, this is our moment to step into the unstoppable movement of God. Persecution and pestilence will not thwart the Gospel. Will you step into this moment with us? I’m not suggesting we defy the practice of social distancing, but that when we have the opportunity to step into innovative strategies to connect people to the hope of the Gospel, we do not hesitate to take action. 

While we know the impact of COVID-19 will not truly reach all people, our hope is that the Gospel will! That is our vision: To change the spiritual climate of RI one person, one community at a time! Let’s continue to seek God and step into the moment He has for us to join in this unstoppable movement of God.