“We Are United” by Justin Dowiot, Youth Minister

Have you ever been working on a project so long that you needed to take a break to refocus?  Often when I’m writing, I can only get so far before I need to take a break, gather my thoughts, refocus, and then get back on track to my goal.  Maybe something similar happens to you with an idea that you’re trying to get out of your head and onto paper or on the workbench?

At the start of this school year we revealed to the students that we have rebranded and refocused our efforts with the student ministry.  Our identity as Ignite has served us well the past several years, but we determined that it is time for a change and we have decided to move our student ministry forward as [United].

But in reality, a name change is simply a cosmetic change.  But we are hoping that it is more… that our name will serve as a reminder and a motivator.
  • We want to remember that we were united with God by the blood and sacrifice of Jesus.  That we were far from God, but He wants a relationship with us and was willing to do whatever it took to make that relationship possible. (Ephesians 2:13)
  • And we want to be consistently motivated that our God does not see color, class, or favoritism of any kind.  When Jesus died, he united God’s chosen people with everybody else—there is nobody that is excluded from having a relationship with Him. (Ephesians 2:14)


And while we’re trying to use these ideas at the core of what we do in student ministry… these aren’t only for students.
  • Are you remembering that God united you with Jesus and that he took away the wrongdoings in your life to bring you closer to him?  Is that a common practice in your life?  If you make it one, you will have a whole new perspective on life—you will see that God can bring redemption to anybody!
  • How driven are you to give hope to other people?  Are you really willing to do whatever it takes to show somebody they are loved by God?  When you have that kind of determination, you will see God’s beauty in each person with whom you cross paths.  And when that happens, you won’t see those “categories” of people anymore.  All you will see are opportunities!
So maybe it’s time for you to refocus too.  Maybe you’ve been going about your relationship with Jesus the same way year after year and it’s begun to lose some of it’s direction.  Don’t be afraid to take that time to gather your thoughts and get back on track to God’s plan of unity.  Are you ready to be united?