We’re Going to Pot!

By Dave Gadoury, Senior Pastor

I don’t think I am the only one noticing that our world seems to be coming apart.  You have to be living under a rock not to see some of the disturbing and tumultuous developments around us.  Let me name just a few.

There is the collapse of the post-colonial alignment of many nations.  Most notably, in the aftermath of the “Arab Spring” in the Muslim word, but elsewhere as well, there is unsettling turmoil, muscle-flexing and anarchy.  This has led to mass migrations of desperate men, women, and children trying to escape the economic ruin, or worse, the prospect of gruesome death or torture in the face of terrorist movements.

Related to this, the most barbaric acts of violence, seldom ever witnessed by any but a few, are now emblazoned across the internet.  And they are not all far away.  In our own malls and schools, bloodshed abounds.

Last of all, and especially unsettling, is the shocking fruit of a now values-free, standard-less morality.  The results are almost impossible to have imagined even twenty years ago.  The broad public acceptance of out-of-wedlock births, the steep decline in the rate of marriage, the routine approval of co-habitation and extra-marital sex, the prevalence of transgenderism and homosexual liaisons, the mainstreaming of pornography, the open sale of the body parts of aborted fetuses, the frequent executions of public figures and officials.  The list just keeps going on.

And there is an ugly backstory to all this.  Those who hold on to what was once a moral consensus based on a Judeo-Christian worldview are no longer merely ignored.  They are increasingly vilified as hateful bigots and marginalized as social Neanderthals.

What is a serious follower of Jesus supposed to do in the face of it all?  It is easy to lose our way and lurch off into one or the other of two extremes.  One is to see which way the wind is blowing and start finding ways to go along with much of the craziness, bending our ancient faith to see if we can make it fit in.  In other words, to raise the white flag and conform.  Too many have already started down this road, straining to find ways to rationalize as acceptable, or even as surprisingly Biblical, what has long been known as aberrant and dishonorable.

The other is to go to war against the very people that Jesus is calling to Himself.  Instead of patiently finding grace-filled ways to model a better way or to persuade the wayward, we could instead simply rail against them and turn the other way.  We could ignore the pain and confusion of their brokenness, pronounce our verdict, and put as much distance between them and ourselves as possible.

But there is a better way between these two extremes of “go along” or “go to war.” On this way, we seek to better understand where this new confusion has come from, to better display the beauty and logic of these ancient moral foundations. We strive to find ways to more effectively and winsomely engage others in the discovery of a new and better life following the way of Jesus.

That’s the road I plan to travel.