“What Are You Known For?” by Melissa Mitchell

“What Are You Known For?” by Melissa Mitchell

As a parent, I wonder often what kinds of memories my children will have of me.  Will they reflect upon their childhood as a safe, loving environment?  Will they think of me as a person who loved them completely and unconditionally?

I fret about this sometimes.  Often I can be impatient and snap or yell.  Sometimes I’m too lazy to spend time with them and play.  Or I don’t listen as carefully as I should, distracted by other things.  What am I communicating to them by my words and actions?

The same is true for my life as a Christian, a follower of Christ.  What kind of impression am I giving?  What kind of impression are you giving?  Is it one of love?  The Bible talks overwhelmingly about God’s love for us.  There are even whole chapters and books of the Bible that focus a lot on God’s love. (1 Corinthians 13 and 1 John, just to name a couple).

During the last supper before Jesus’ death on the cross, Jesus is spending time with his disciples.  He washes their feet and tells them: “So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other.  Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.” John 13:34

Is this what I am known for?  Are you known for this—your love?

Too often Christians are known for the negative.

 What we don’t like

 What we are against

 What we think should be changed

 Our anger

 Our indifference

 Our criticisms and judgments

When others think of us, do they think of our great love?  Our kind, compassionate heart, our listening ear, our helpful hands and feet?

Look at Jesus’ example:

 He fed.

 He healed.

 He comforted.

 He encouraged.

 He wept.

Does our love for others extend beyond our family, our friends, and those that are like us?  What about our social media presence?  Do our posts communicate our love, our care, our Christ-like heart?

Think about this in light of your political views, especially with the upcoming Presidential election.  Will your posts and forwards reflect the negative, or the positive?  Will it be a reflection of God’s love for a world that desperately needs to know Him?

Will your words and actions draw people to God’s love or push them further away?

These are questions I wrestle with daily in regards to my children and family.  I also need to keep them in mind when I interact with others outside of my family as well.

“Give thanks to the God of Heaven.  His love endures forever.” Psalm 136:26