Our Mission – Calling all to love God, follow Jesus, and serve others.


It is our mission to help others grow in their love for God through relevant Biblical teaching, vibrant worship services, frequent prayer, and meaningful relationships with other believers. It is our desire to foster a community of believers who love God completely and whose hearts are captivated by Him alone.


It is our mission to help others follow Jesus through providing opportunities for believers to engage in relationships with each other that furthers the spiritual growth of all. It is impossible for us to fully grasp the heart of our Savior without the presence of fellowship with the people He cares about.  Through accountability and encouragement, we want to be a church family that is intentional about discipleship and speaking into the lives of others.


It is our mission to serve one another and others in our circles of influence through our Prayer, Care, Share model. We want to reach out to our communities and the world, through persistent intercession, meeting tangible needs, and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. In order to bring hope to Rhode Island, we need to follow the example of Christ, explained in Mark 10:45—to serve, not be served, sacrificing our lives for others.

Our Values


We value a church where each member is growing in love for God through daily worship, prayer, and service.  We value corporate gatherings devoted to meaningful celebrations of God’s goodness.


We value the life giving and life changing power of Biblical preaching and its central place in the worship, learning, and growth of God’s people.


We value the ministry of the Word of God from believer to believer in relationships where admonition, instruction, and encouragement foster growth in the knowledge of God and obedience to Jesus.


We value a church where members are empowered to serve God through the use of their spiritual gifts, talents, personalities, and life experiences, and are mobilized for ministry in the kingdom of God.


We value a church where believers share their lives and time with each other, caring for each other through loving relationships as they serve Jesus together.

Missional Living

We value a church where believers are effectively representing Jesus and sharing the good news of His love with the people in their lives.  We value a church that looks outward in order to make Jesus known in the world.


We value a praying church in which leaders model a life of prayer and where everyone is encouraged to pray.  We value a praying church where every need, worker, endeavor, and decision is supported by frequent and varied intercessory prayer.

The Next Generation

We value a church that is sensitive to the outlook and culture of young people.  We want to help others, from their earliest ages, become committed followers of Jesus who love God and serve others.

For more information on our beliefs, download our Constitution and Bylaws.