“Why You (Yes, YOU!) Should Take the Perspectives Course” by Hayley Hutchins

“Why You (Yes, YOU!) Should Take the Perspectives Course” by Hayley Hutchins

Here’s my grandiose but 100% sincere promise to you, God will use the Perspectives course as a vehicle for His truths to change your life.

And that should be enough to sell you on it, but in case it’s not, please allow me to elaborate!

Because of the things God revealed to me through the Perspectives course, I see my life differently. I see my salvation differently. I see His character differently. I see my place in His family differently. I see our church family differently. I see my time and my money differently. And this shift in perspective has brought me so much JOY!

Listen, I’m not going to pretend this is an easy commitment–this course is not a cakewalk. It’s a lot of reading. It’s a week-night time commitment. There’s homework. You might have to talk to other people. But as with everything we pursue to know our Jesus better, it is worth it to try and there is grace when we fail. Do not let concerns about logistics keep you from seeking to study how God partners with His people to save the world.

Now that you’re convinced and filling out your registration like right this moment, I also counsel you to take a moment to convince a friend or a few to join you. The second most valuable component of this class was the opportunity to take it with three of my friends, which led to life-giving conversations before class, after class, during the week, and following the course’s end. I was able to internalize the material because it became a part of my existing community of people I was connected to outside of the class, and we grew both with the class and also with each other. So of course the journey will be great with just you and God and your classmates, but you might also well drag your friends along with you. 😉

I am so thankful for the work and sacrifices of the coordinators who are making the course happen, the speakers who make the materials more vibrant, the graders who create accountability for learning, and the participants who desire to know Jesus more. I am already praying for this group, that the Holy Spirit will move within and through the class to reveal His powerful truth.

For more general information about the course visit http://www.perspectives.org/Home/. For information on the upcoming class in RI, please contact https://www.facebook.com/ri.perspectives/.

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