“Windshield Wipers, Mug Handles, and Thumbs” by Kitty Holt

Some time ago I was driving during a heavy rainstorm.  My windshield wipers had a very hard time keeping up with the rain.  A number of cars were pulled off the road, their drivers simply unable to see through the powerful downpour.  I thought about how small and inexpensive wipers are compared to the rest of the car, yet how critically important.

Recently, I dropped a favorite mug and the handle broke in pieces.  The rest of the mug was fine, so I put in a teabag and filled the mug with hot water.  As I held the mug without the help of a handle and quickly got burned, I realized how important the handle was.

A few weeks ago, a careless move with a cheese cutter took the tip off my thumb.  For about 10 days, my thumb was heavily bandaged and mostly unusable.  I had no idea how often I used my thumb until I was not able to!

A windshield wiper…the handle of a mug…a thumb.  They seem quite insignificant, don’t they?

Some people think that what they can offer God is so insignificant, that it doesn’t matter and they should not bother.  But those people would be wrong.  In the book of 1 Corinthians, chapter 12, we read how important each body part is, and the parallel of this to the body of Christ.  We may not all have the gift of teaching or preaching, but surely there is something we can each do, no matter how insignificant we think it is.

Just as a car without wipers, a mug without a handle, and the use of one less finger hinders us, so also is the body of Christ is hindered without all of us pitching in, in whatever small way we can.

How can you use your gifts to advance the kingdom of God?